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How to care for your hardwood floors

  • Sweep floors often with a soft, fine bristle broom. Vacuum floors once or twice a week to remove dirt and sand. Use a soft brush attachment to minimize scratching. Vacuum area rugs and runners often so dirt doesn't filter down through the weave and scratch the floor underneath.
  • Since water is one of wood floors worst enemies, get rid of water right away! Remove wet spills ASAP with soft towels or a wet/dry vacuum then dry thoroughly.
  • Use a very dry damp mop when mopping polyurethaned wood floors, since excess water can seep into seams and ruin a wood floor.
  • Consider using carpet runners (with non-skid pads) over floors in high traffic areas.
  • If possible, do not wear heavy shoes or high heels on hardwood floors, as some heels can cause dents.
  • Never drag furniture or other objects across a floor. Instead, clean the floor thoroughly to remove dust and grit, then use "gliding" furniture pads underneath the piece to aid sliding it across the floor.
  • Use furniture pads to place under table and chair legs.
  • Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations to treat flooring scratches and dents. If an area of the finish is damaged by water, it may be difficult to fix it.
  • Don't use oil/citrus based cleaners (products like Orange Glow have been known to damage floors and/or give floors a cloudy appearance.
  • Never use ammonia to clean hardwood floors, try using 1/2 to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water then rinse with warm water and dry any wet areas with a soft towel.

         Some floors may require periodic waxing and buffing. Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor.

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